Smoke Alarm Testing and Maintenance
Fire detection devices are an essential requirement for any residential, business or real estate property. Investing in smoke alarm testing is mandated by law to ensure that your tenants or family will be alerted if a fire starts in the building. Our affordable, reliable and easy to book services provide peace of mind regarding the safety and protection of the people and assets within the building and assist with fulfilling your obligation of ensuring your property is compliant with all relevant Australian and state-based legislation. Our smoke alarm testing and maintenance services alleviate much of the stress and confusion involved in property management to bring you a streamlined, tailored and trustworthy solution.

Property managers are contractually responsible for making sure that smoke alarms comply with Australian Standards AS 3786, the Building Code of Australia and state-based legislation.

Our annual maintenance and smoke alarm service should be carried out at least annually and includes:
  • An extensive maintenance check to ensure smoke detectors are clean, within expiry and correctly positioned as dictated by requirements and Law
  • Cleaning the detector
  • Battery test and replacement
  • Smoke test
  • Decibel test
  • Button test
  • Ensuring all detectors are securely fitted
  • Generating a report and maintaining a photo database with relevant time/date/location stamps for all smoke alarms. In the event of an incident at your property, digital records are available as an audit trail of services provided
Prices start from $65 + GST
Our Guarantee:

For 12 months following each Annual Scheduled Smoke Alarm Service, call outs for all smoke alarms will be provided at no cost to the owner, provided by us.

Please note:

To be compliant with regulations and the Law, smoke detectors will need to be replaced upon expiration or if tested and found to be non-compliant. Additional replacements costs are as follows:
  • 9v smoke detectors, $40.00 + GST
  • 240v smoke detectors, $80.00 + GST. An additional electrical call-out fee from $150 + GST
A quote will always be provided prior to commencement of work

Requirements in relation to the positioning of smoke alarms in your property are dictated by the Law. Please note that as a result of the relocation or replacement of a smoke alarm, residual damage may be caused from either the relocation/replacement or the original installation.
This damage may vary due to the type of original smoke alarm, the cable hole size and/or existing paint coverage, which may have experienced some discolouration from the smoke alarm or from plastering. If you require repairs, a plasterer/painter can be provided upon request at your own additional cost.
Bringing you peace of mind.
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