Smoke alarm legislation varies by state and can be complicated. Our services and regular checkups give you peace of mind that you’re protected.

If you are the owner of a property, it is your legal duty to keep abreast of changing legislation regarding property safety and damage protection practices. Guardian Smoke Alarms does the hard work for you by providing an expert service, ensuring all federal and state-based legislations and requirements are met when it comes to smoke alarm safety and compliance.

How does the system work?

In general, landlords are responsible for the installation of smoke alarms and ensuring their regular maintenance. They are also expected to replace them when faulty or expired.

Additionally, Agents may be contractually obliged to inform landlords of this responsibility and must ensure that the smoke alarms in the properties they manage are compliant with legislation.

To ensure all protective measures are being taken and tenants are safe within your property, Guardian Smoke Alarms keeps a digital audit trail of every service and interaction, as evidence of your efforts to keep properties compliant.
Federal requirements are contained in two sets of regulations read together: The Building Code of Australia 2016 and Australian Standards AS 3786-2014.

Smoke alarms must be installed properly in required positions according to the Building Code, and Smoke alarms must comply in design and performance standards according to the Australian Standards.

Each state individually adopts parts of the Building Code and Australian Standards. So, while the Building Code and Australian Standards set out a uniform standard, it is important to understand the different legislative requirements for smoke alarms in each state.

Read below to learn more about the requirements in your state.
Changes to Victorian legislation will be published in May 2020 and become effective on 1 January 2021. To help you understand the changes, we’ve compared the current and new legislation below.
New legislation (from 1 January 2021)
Installation & Communication:
*Specifications for smoke alarm installation (current and future)
The guidelines below reflect current legislative requirements and will continue as requirements under the new regulations from January 2021
Currently, to work out what “good repair” means for a smoke alarm, we look to authorities such as the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

According to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Website:
From 1 January 2021, the regulations will stipulate mandatory annual testing for smoke alarms and other specific responsibilities for landlords regarding smoke alarm maintenance. The new specifications are outlined in the table above.

New legislation will also govern mandatory testing for gas and electrical appliances from 1 January 2021.
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